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First of all we would like to welcome you to our investment portal. Our group with experience in cryptocurrency trading generates an excellent % of daily profits for this reason, we invite you to read our investment plans, also visualize our policies and frequently asked questions.

About US


Our organization has years of experience in the trading of cryptomaterials, operating in different trading platforms such as for example:


Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Bitstamp.

For which public we are addressing ourselves:

Our organization is formed so that small and medium investors who do not have great knowledge in Trading can obtain daily profits.


Days online
Total invested
2.751 BTC
1.99 BCH
4.201 LTC
Total withdrawn
0.52880219 BTC
0.43245565 BCH
1.84019658 LTC

Policies And F.A.Q

Is it necessary to invest?

Yes, from the moment you create your account you will have 30 days available with your account to invest. If you do not invest your account will be deleted from our database.

The system has a referral bonus?

Yes, for each person who registers with your referral link you will get 3% of their investment and it will be credited to your generated earnings. If you do not invest you do not get your referral link.


You can enter to monitor your investments 365 days a year. From any device with internet access.

The process of investments and withdrawals

Must be approved by the platform administrator. The exact time it takes is thrown off the platform, no more than 24 hours.

If you use any illegal software

Or alter any data of your investments or forced withdrawals your account will be corrected and we will send you a notification by mail, if your account persists and ip will be blocked.

Withdrawal fee:

For withdrawals greater than 1BTC, 5 ETH, 10 LTC. 0.00100000 will be charged in any of the above currencies. For smaller amounts a 1% withdrawal fee will apply. These fees are used to pay commissions to the miners.

Our Plans

The minimum withdrawal in all currencies is: 0.00040000.

Plan 1


  • 10 Calendar Days
  • 100% Invest
  • 10% Gain
  • Min: 0.00100000
  • Max: 0.50000000
  • We accept: BTC, BCH, LTC.
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Plan 2

3%Work Day

  • 70 Working Days
  • 100% Invest
  • 110% Gain
  • Min: 0.00300000
  • Max: 0.50000000
  • We accept: BTC, BCH, LTC.
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Plan 3

5%Work Day

  • 30 Working Days
  • 100% Invest
  • 50% Gain
  • Min: 0.00300000
  • Max: 1.00000000
  • We accept: BTC, BCH, LTC.
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1886 Boulevard des Laurentides, Vimont, QC H7M 2P9, Canadá